Basketball was invented at the YMCA, so you could say that it’s in our blood. We love to share the love of this exciting and dynamic team sport with the Laurens community.

At the LAURENS YMCA, our basketball league is a developmental league. That means we meet each player where he or she is and improve on his or her skills. Whether they’re ready to fast break or taking their first try dribbling, every young athlete will play and improve at the Y.

Playing team sports is an important part of growing up and teaches valuable lessons such as teamwork, responsibility, and  how to be a good sport. Playing organized sports is one of the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, which are key experiences for children that help turn them into well-adjusted adults!

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11/30/20 - 1/28/21

Available Sessions

Start Date End Date
11/30/20 1/28/21 Registration